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Next Course:   9 Day  6th-14th May 2017


Whether you just want to experience hang gliding once or would like to learn how to fly, SE QLD hang gliding services offer certified instructional courses with an enthusiastic and a professional approach to hang gliding.

Try our introductory course which runs over two days, or complete a full 9 day course and receive your novice hang gliding certificate*.

The course will commence with your first days on flat ground or on small training hills, where you will learn basic techniques used to control the hang glider.

We will cover important thoery associated with flying a hang glider and gain a basic understanding of the weather.

Your training will progress from repetition on the training hills, to ground skimming solo glides, followed by higher flights under the close supervision of your instructor with the use of UHF radios.

Further flights are repeated until the student is fully confident and comfortable with all necessary aspects in flying a hang glider. To receive your restricted hang gliding llicence, it is manditory that you demonstrate to your instructor that you are competent in all theory and practicle procedures as set out by the HGFA and pass a pre-certificate exam.

Please understand that each student will learn at their own individual pace and hang gliding is a weather dependent sport, so completion times of your course may vary.

Dowload a PDF of our 9 day course guide here

The course includes

  • 9 days instruction


Training Hill Days (instructor assisted to unassisted flights)

Instruction for solo flights off Mt Tamborine and Beechmont.

Transport to training hills and hang gliding sites from Canungra

Use of all equipment (hang glider, harnesses UHF radios etc.)

All theory lessons

Theory Exam – HGFA.

Pilot Training Workbook – HGFA

3 days HGFA membership


After you have completed all the necessary training and paperwork, you will then obtain your restricted pilots certificate with the knowledge and confidence to fly safely and enjoy the freedom of flight. Your instructor will be available for any further advice after your training if required.

Cost - $2500 incl gst

See course dates.

Additional notes - extras that may be required for the course include

Theory Book – By Peter Cheeney or Denis Pagen $70 approx.


4 months HGFA membership $150 or 12 months $350
(manditory for 9 day course - first 3 days are included in course)

Pilot Handbook - HGFA $45 (optional)


If more than nine days training are required any additional training days will incur a fee calculated on a daily basis subject to your progress. Maximum daily rate $220 (incl. gst)

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