I have no prior experience with hang gliding. Is there any prerequisites? (medical etc.)

you do not need prior experience or prerequisites, it does help if you have a little bit of fitness for the first 4 days if you sign up to a hang gliding course as it can be physically demanding to run up and down the training hills.

If you would like to do a tandem introductory flight you do not need prior experience nor do you need to have fitness. From age 14 to over 100 you can fly tandem.

Can the 9 day course be split up?

It can be, but we do advise that at the beginning it would be best to do at least 4 -five days in a row so that your learning progression is alot faster.
The cost also works out more as each break in between training days may result in learning to take longer.

During the intro and 9 days courses Is it taught (or some of it)

We aim to limit our course to 4 people, so we can give each student the individual attention they need.

In regards to the 9 day coarse, where is all the training held, what time does training start each day? how long is the training each day?

We have various training hills located between 15 and 45mins from Canungra, this may vary depending upon the wind strength and direction.

We start at approx. 9am in Canungra on the first day and 9.30/10am each day after that. For the initial training days. We start out with theory lessons, by 12pm we have lunch and then head out to our training hills.

When you show that you have control of the glider and can launch and land well, the next step is to do your first high flight from Mt Tamborine. This is done first thing in the morning, usually at sunrise. By lunch time the air get too rough so we may do theroy or have a break until the afternoon where we may do additional high flights.

Additional high flights will be done from Beechmont launch, usually in the afternoons but as hang gliding is a very weather dependent sport our schedule will vary.

How much does a hang glider cost?

They range from $1000 second hand to $5000 brand new for a novice/intermaediate hang glider. Advanced hang gliders for the more experienced pilot may cost up to $12,000.

How much do other essential items cost?

Here is a list of things that you will need to get in the sky, the prices are very rough estimates for all new equipment and may be more or less. If you want second hand gear you will pay about half the cost -

harness -$1500

parachute - $900

helmet - $400

these are the basics that you will need.

extras we recommend include

UHF radio - $400
variometer which will be very helpful in helping you stay in the air - $600

In regards to payment do you require a deposit? what are your methods of payment, do you accept visa credit card?

To ensure you a secured spot in the courses we do require a deposit,
sorry we do not accept credit cards as we do not have the facilities although
you can make a direct deposit into our bank account. please contact us and we will supply details. For tandem instructional flights payment on the day is accepted.

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