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Hang Gliding is our passion - one we would love to share with you.

Let us launch you into the majestic world of hang gliding and discover the bird's eye view of the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland. Experience the excitement, adventure and effortless beauty of flying a hang glider! Hang gliding is the purest form of free flight... no engines, no cockpits. Just you and the majesty of the surrounding world. The incredible feeling of soaring like an eagle is one you will never forget.

We offer the exhilerating world of hang gliding, flying off the Gold Coast hinterland mountains.


Introductory tandem flights are around 15 to 20 minutes of airtime from Mt Tamborine, (1hrs drive from Brisbane) or Rosins Lookout at Beechmont (1.5hrs drive from Brisbane), depending on weather conditions on the the day.

It takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to complete each flight this allows for setting up equipment, pre flight instruction, pack up at landing and retrieval back to launch.


Tandem hang gliding requires no experience and is perfect for all ages*.

All our equipment undergoes regular and stringent safety checks. And you will be accompanied by our professional instructors who will take you on the flight of a lifetime.

cost - $275 incl. gst

See you in the sky soon!

Additional notes -

Maximum weight of passenger can not exceed 80kg.

*Minimum passenger age is 14 years

The sport of hang gliding is very weather dependant. Our number one priority is passenger safety and therefore flights will be postponed and rescheduled if weather conditions are not suitable.

All Gift certificate flights need to be booked within 6 months of date of purchase.

If you come with a friend on the day of the flight, sometimes they may be asked to retrieve us by driving our vehicle to the landing zone.

You will need to wear casual clothing with joggers.

There is no shop close to Beechmont launch so bringing a snack and water is a good idea.
Tamborine has plenty of shops nearby.

Some people do get airsick, bring some travel calm if you think this may be a problem. Getting professional advise is best.

There is no insurance with flights, you do this at your own risk.

Hang Gliding is a high risk activity, you will need to sign waivers before the flight is taken.

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